Aviva Barth Jewish Summer Camp Scholarship Fund

In every family celebration, each day spent with a close friend, every problem solving discussion or friendly debate lives the spirit of Aviva. She perfected the art of making those around her feel cared for and comfortable, inviting her family and friends unconditionally into her life. In work and at play Aviva sought to meet challenges with grace, intellect and respect. While growing up as part of the small Jewish Community in Guelph, Aviva developed a strong Jewish identity and connection with Israel, which was nurtured by her experiences in the Jewish Camp System.  

By donating to the Aviva Barth Scholarship Fund, you are supporting small community Jewish youth to attend Jewish Summer Camp and connect to their Jewish Identity while seeking new and exciting challenges and networks.


Aviva lived in harmony with her faith and the life and people around her. Her spirit lives vigorously on in our memories. Through your contribution to the Aviva Barth Scholarship Fund, the youth who benefit will share in the positive energy and strength she brought to the world.

Aviva Barth was born in Guelph April 20, 1974 and died in a tragic accident August 7, 2004.

To send a tribute card and support the Aviva Barth Scholarship Fund, contact Fern Goldman at 416-631-5671 or fgoldman@jfcuia.org