As a Jewish people, we are connected – regardless of which city we call home. We are united by a sense of Jewish Identity, community and culture. We practice similar traditions, gathering on the same days across the globe with family and friends, during Jewish holidays. We mark Jewish milestones together - celebrating simchas at bar/bat mitzvahs and weddings. We share a painful history as a persecuted people.We rejoice in the achievements of the state Israel.

As a Jewish people, we support each other in times of need.

By supporting Jewish  Federations of Canada – UIA , you are supporting Jewish life in Canada, Israel and overseas by:

  • Caring for vulnerable populations in Israel and the Former Soviet Union with social welfare services and community programs
  • Strengthening Jewish Identity in Canadians of all ages with educational and cultural programming
  • Enhancing the quality of Jewish life in communities across Canada with meaningful social and community programs


Your annual gift impacts Jewish communities throughout the world, wherever there is need.

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