#WeRemember: International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2018

On January 27th, communities across the globe will commemorate victims of the Holocaust on International Holocaust Remembrance Day (IHRD).
It is a day that encourages the development of educational programs about Holocaust history to help prevent future acts of genocide. Since 1988, March of the Living Canada has brought over 12,000 survivors, students, community leaders and members to Poland to study the history of the Holocaust and other WWII genocides.
Eli Rubenstein, National Director of March of the Living Canada
'As we look back on the past 30 years, we are grateful for the commitment and dedication shown by our alumni in standing up for human rights and advocating that such genocides, like the Holocaust, should never happen again.
However, as we look around the world today, we note with deep concern the rising tide of extreme nationalism and xenophobia, and we know that our work is far from done.
We also know that with each passing year, our beloved survivors are continuing to age. In the not too distant future, they will no longer be in a position to share their stories firsthand with the next generation.
Thus, as we mark the 2018 International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we commit to redoubling our efforts to listen to the stories of our courageous survivors and to creating a world of peace, tolerance and acceptance for all humanity.'
Visit www.marchoftheliving.org to learn about March of the Living Canada
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