Natan Sharansky Awarded Israel Prize

Message from JFC-UIA Leadership
We are very pleased and proud to share some exciting news with you regarding Natan Sharansky.
The former Soviet Jewish refusenik who spent nine years in the Soviet gulag for his Zionist and human rights activism, and then went on to serve as a minister in Israel’s cabinet and as chairman of the Jewish Agency for the past nine years, has been awarded Israel’s highest civilian honour, the Israel Prize.
Education Minister Naftali Bennett announced the award in a Twitter post, saying:
“I just told Natan Sharansky he was chosen as the Israel Prize laureate for aliya and the ingathering of the exiles on the 70th anniversary of the state. Natan symbolizes the fulfillment of the Zionist dream. From the darkness of the Soviet prison as a Prisoner of Zion, to the light of liberty as leader of the Jewish Agency. Avital, his wife, is a symbol of courage and Jewish sacrifice.”
I know you join us in extending a hearty Mazel Tov to Natan on this outstanding achievement and recognition.
CLICK HERE to view a video where Natan discusses life lessons learned from playing chess and summarizes some of the highlights of his life story and career.


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