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Hello from Jerusalem - November 15, 2015

Yossi Tanuri | Director General | Jewish Federations of Canada - UIA

Sunday, November 15, 2015       3 Kislev 5776
People who send their children to summer camps where young people learn how to defend mosques and how to become a martyr shouldn’t be surprised when their child becomes a terrorist.
War has never been pleasant.  There are dead and wounded, and widows and orphans.  That's exactly why war, over the years, has become the business of adults.  So that children can remain children.  Some children are more innocent, some less.  But they remain children.
The Palestinian Authority has not yet internalized what the role of children should be in the conflict.  The PA, just like the Gaza Strip, has not understood that children should not have a role at all.
Children should have the privilege of being children, regardless of their background, religion and race.  Children are supposed to be innocent.  So how on earth can it be that, last week, two children pulled out knives in order to kill Jews?
The video clip showing how two children (one was not yet 12!) attacked and stabbed a Jewish security guard on the Jerusalem light railway is shocking and scary.

Anyone who tries to explain the incident by citing the occupation is wrong.  The occupation does not send children with knives to kill Jews.  It is Palestinian incitement which does this, effectively and consistently.

People who send their children to summer camps where young people learn how to defend mosques and how to become a martyr shouldn’t be surprised when their child becomes a terrorist.  For that is exactly what is being taught to children at the al-Aqsa summer camp, for example.  
Other summer camps, organized by Muslim preachers, are also not exactly busy with sports and games.  Hamas summer camps in the Gaza Strip are very popular.  So is anyone really surprised that children become terrorists?
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is obviously not the cause of all the ills in today’s Middle East.  Indeed, the violence in Syria, Iraq and Yemen only contributes to increased violence here.  Is the knife held by an ISIS terrorist different to the knife held here by a 12-year-old?  Unfortunately, both knives seek to kill.
It is time that we recognize that we are in the midst of a third world war.  The war will be different from its predecessors, but it too will take place all over the globe -- on land, on sea and in the air.  This is a war between jihadist Islam and Western civilization, a war between radical Islam and all those who refuse to surrender to its values ​​and political demands.
We will have to fight this war on the ground, air and sea. Additional security measures will need to be taken at border crossings and by Special Forces and intelligence agencies. Security measures will be taken at airports and on passenger aircraft worldwide. This will be the image of World War III, of which we have also been part, for a long time.
There is no connection between the wave of emigration to Europe and the current attacks.  Immigrants who narrowly escaped to Europe, even if some of them are radical Muslims, are not equipped to carry out terrorist attacks.  They do not know the scene as well as full-fledged French citizens.
We need to prepare for further attacks -- not only in France, but throughout Europe and possibly North America, in places which have dormant terrorist networks which will be "woken up".  
In response, Europe will need to resume full control its borders and will have to deal boldly with the dilemma of human and individual rights versus the need to provide security.  We cannot condemn them for this, but so far, EU countries have favored the individual liberty of citizens over defending against terrorism.  Now Europe, and especially France, will have to conclude that the most important individual right is the right to life.
There has been no specific intelligence failure.  Rather, there has been a complete failure of perception, which must be rethought.  The West will have to establish a joint intelligence apparatus which will conduct assessments and issue immediate alerts;  this applies not only to France and other countries in Western Europe, but also to Russia, China and other countries.  European countries will have to establish special forces units which must be deployed in urban concentrations – large, medium and small -- in order to be able to react quickly to any warnings and intelligence information.
Israel’s success in gathering intelligence -- and acting on it quickly, by means of SWAT teams, the Shin Bet, IDF special units and the Mossad -- must serve as a model.
The global war between murderous, fundamentalist Islam and Western civilization (basically anyone who is not a Muslim) must be conducted without compromise and without half-measures.  On land, on sea and in the air.  Brussels may not want to hear it, but we're all in the same boat.  


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