Celebrating Jewish Strength on Purim

The Purim story offers as much meaning today as it has for countless generations past. A bright and noisy holiday for adults and children alike, the reading of the Megillah (Book of Esther) brings to mind the leadership, wisdom and bravery of our ancestors.

Purim also calls attention to our human frailty and vulnerability. Anti-Semitic acts continue to remind us of the dangers that exist to Jewish people across the globe. Fortunately, we have a steadfast legacy of overcoming challenges with resolute courage and determination.

As modern and ancient history books have recorded, we have taught our children, grandchildren and young community members to respond to challenges with unwavering strength. We are a nation that, while dispersed across the globe, is viscerally connected to one another by our common history and shared customs and rituals. Over the ages, we have always celebrated our holidays proudly.

In recognition of International Women's day on March 8th, we also acknowledge Esther herself, a vibrant and intelligent woman who trusted her faith to protect her and save the Jewish people. Jewish women have traditionally been powerful agents of social change.

Today it’s no different, as women across the globe positively influence the Jewish community everyday through their inherent strength and dedication to the Jewish people. This collective spirit also drives and guides the Jewish Federation system and strengthens the Jewish people.

Gloria Steinem, world-renowned feminist, journalist and activist, once explained "The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights."

And while Purim lore centers around Esther’s individual action, were it not for the unwavering commitment of the Jewish people to our culture throughout history, the story may well have ended very differently.

Chag Purim Sameach!

Leslie Gales, Chair

Linda Kislowicz, President & CEO



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