Beit Canada in White

Photo:  Beit Canada in Tel Hai College in the midst of this weekend’s snow storm.

A few points to keep in mind about Tel Hai College and the Coast to Coast - Galilee Panhandle Israel Partnership.



  • Tel Hai college has over 3,000 college students enrolled. It is the biggest employer in the CTC region and one of the top three best colleges in Israel
  • Beit Canada is a multi-purpose building that was funded with 2007 emergency funds raised in Canada. It is one of 3 buildings JFC UIA provided in the aftermath of the war.
  • 100 scholarships are provided every year with support from private donors from coast-to-coast communities. Most of the scholarship recipients are the first in their family to acquire a post-secondary degree. 
  •  Over 7,000 grade 1-12 students attend the Sidney Warren Science Education Centre for Youth in Tel Hai. By partnering with Tel Hai and Rashi, the partnership has identified and led the leap frogging of high quality STEM education in the partnership region. It has been so successful the model is now being duplicated to include more students in northern Israel.
  • XLN 3D printer: By branching it to the Warren Science Centre, in partnership with Tel Hai and Reut Institute, the coast-to-coast partnership is making this fascinating technology available in one of our major regional high schools.
  • Academy in Town Square – this unique, out of the box project makes higher learning accessible to the larger community. Learn more about it through Ted Talk:

Learn more about the coast-to coast Galilee Panhandle partnership here.


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