Leamore Cohen

Inclusion Services Co-ordinator, Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver


“Practicing inclusion guarantees that every single member of our community is tied in, meaningfully engaged and actively participating in Jewish Communal life. When we practice inclusion, we build up our community and every single member that belongs to our community”.  


Leamore has always been interested in the social forces and social institutions that shape peoples' experiences and identities and this interest brought her to the field of Sociology. She holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology from the University of British Columbia. Her research focused on education and disability. She was particularly interested in how discourses of ability, disability and notions of what constitutes "normal" play out in the educational playing fields of classrooms and schools.


She has years of experience in the human services field providing counseling, and promoting community-based services, resources and life skills to at risk and in-crises youth as well as to other vulnerable populations.  


Leamore is the Inclusion Services coordinator at the Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver. She oversee programs and initiatives informed by core Jewish values and rooted in principals of social connectedness, community capacity building and belonging. These programs are intended to engage, educate and provide meaningful life-long learning opportunities and to increase the social capital of individuals participating in the programs.