Name: Doug Liberman
Hometown: Montreal
Current City: Montreal


How long have you been involved with your local Jewish community? What is your current involvement?


8 years. Currently Chair of YAD West Island (suburb in Montreal) and Co-Chair of NYL.

Did you go to summer camp as a camper or staff? If yes, which one, how long? Best memory.


Last camp was Tamarack in Michigan as a staff for 4 years. Lot's of excellent memories. Most appropriate would probably be Havdalah on the beach.

What’s your occupation?


Chocolate Manufacturer

List 2 things on your bucket list?


Heli-Skiing, Kitesurfing

Have you been to Israel? If yes, best Israel moment/memory.


Yes, touching the walls in the old city of Jerusalem for the first time and feeling thousands of years of history.

Favourite Jewish food