Name: Baillie Chisick       
Hometown: Winnipeg
Current City: See above!


How long have you been involved with your local Jewish community? What is your current involvement?


I have always been active volunteering with community, starting with being taken to Women’s Philanthropy meetings with my mother or grandmother as a young child!! Today I am co-chair of YAD and co-chair of Ben Gurion Society and often bring my 1 year old daughter to cell-a-thons, full circle!

Did you go to summer camp as a camper or staff? If yes, which one, how long? Best memory?


Yes, I went to Bnai Brith Camp in town island in Kenora Ontario until 19. I was staff. Loved every part, favorite memory – 4 week canoe trip

What’s your occupation?


Lawyer and Mom


List 2 things on your bucket list?


To go on Safari


Have you been to Israel? If yes, best Israel moment/memory.


Yes, enjoying the highlights of the country with best friends since birth – western wall, dead sea, massada and partying in Jerusalem


Favourite Jewish food.


Rugelach and Kasha – I couldn’t choose one