Canada - Israel Partnerships


Israeli and Canadian communities collaboratively address social issues in struggling and underdeveloped regions in Israel with projects focused on youth, education, social welfare and capacity building. The aim of these partnerships is to generate waves of change based on shared ideas, challenges and models of success.


These partnership programs allow Israeli communities and regions to develop capacities and infrastructures to sustain them in the future. Schools, classrooms, community centers, absorption centers, youth clubs, seniors’ homes, libraries, laboratories, college dormitories, parks and sports facilities are just some of the more than 280 facilities JFC-UIA has established across Israel.


Since its establishment in 1967, JFC-UIA has invested over one billion dollars in projects that touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of Israelis every day. Efforts are focused on Israel’s geographic periphery, from Metulla at the northern border to the southern tip of Eilat. 


Strategic investments strengthen these communities by stimulating economic development and attracting newcomers. JFC–UIA provides Canadian communities with the support and tools necessary for success in their Partnership relationships.