Funding Opportunities in Israel

The Hebrew word for charity, tzedakah, is rooted in the word tzedek, which means justice. In Judaism, tzedakah goes beyond a charitable act to bring justice to this world and create opportunities for others.


According to the Rambam (Maimonides), the highest form of charity is giving that enables recipients to become self-reliant. Jewish federations of Canada - UIA strives to make recipients self-reliant through educational programs and leadership training, while equally remembering the immediate needs of more vulnerable populations and placing emphasis on Israel’s social periphery.


Anyone can perform an act of tzedakah. Jewish federations of Canada - UIA is committed to identifying a variety of innovative giving opportunities that meet the most pressing needs in Israel and that suit your budget while being aligned with your own personal philanthropic vision.


Working in conjunction with your local Federation, you choose the opportunity that best suits you to which you designate your gift. Naming opportunities are available in all partnership regions.


Jewish federations of Canada - UIA is committed to ongoing reporting once a donation has been made. 


Contact us at or contact your local Federation.