Raoul Wallenberg: 70th Anniversary of Dissapearance ( VIDEO)

Raoul Wallenberg rescued more Jews than any other single individual during the Holocaust. He vanished on January 17, 1945 after being apprehended by Soviet authorities. January 17th, 1945 marks the 70th anniversary of his tragic and never explained disappearance.  

March of the Living, with the help of the Azrieli Foundation, produced a very moving short piece on his life and legacy, featuring Holocaust survivor Eva Meisels, human rights advocate Irwin Cotler & Joe Kertes, Second Generation Wallenberg survivors.

As we approach this tragic anniversary, in honor of his heroic legacy, please take a few moments to watch: 100,000 Souls: The Legacy of Raoul Wallenberg


100,000 Souls: The Legacy of Raoul Wallenberg was produced by Toronto's Riddle Films.


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