Peterborough community comes together after mosque targeted by arsonist

Arsonists caused $80,000 worth of damage to Peterborough's only mosque. Beth Israel synagogue and many other cultural and religious institutions have offered their facilities to the Masjid Al-Salaam congregation for Islamic prayers. 

"When these kinds of terrible things happen, I think it helps the community to come together and it's important that all of us reach out. " - Larry Gillman, President of the Beth Israel Synagogue. [For a news clip visit minute 10 of the CBC boadcast at

"It is both reaffirming and very heartwarming to all of us in our congregation that the Muslim community has responded positively to the invitation by the Peterborough Beth Israel Synagogue to use our facility to hold their prayers after the despicable firebombing of their mosque on November 14,2015.  Our President, Mr. Larry Gillman should be congratulated for his rapid response to this crisis.  He reflects both the Jewish community's sentiment and that of our major tenant and partner, the Unitarian Fellowship and the wider community in denouncing this heinous act of hate.  His actions and the response of the muslim community reflect the warm and respectful relations all of our faith communities have had with each other and reaffirm that our community will not tolerate this 'hate crime' which is not the Peterborough or Canadian way." - Dr. Mark Siegel, JFC-UIA Board member & Chair of Regional Jewish Communities Council 

An online campaign raised over $110,000. "We are really so touched and more importantly, we feel a lot safer than we thought because this shows us this is an isolated incident and the majority of the Peterborough population really care for the (Muslim) community, so it's very reassuring." Kenzu Abdella - President of the Kawartha Muslim Religious Association (KMRA)



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