CJCCC National Archives announces rebranding



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January 12, 2016

Janice Rosen

Canadian Jewish Congress Charities Committee National Archives announces rebranding

(Montreal, PQ) - ‘Canadian Jewish Congress Charities Committee National Archives’ will now be known as the ‘Alex Dworkin Canadian Jewish Archives’. The decision to rebrand followed the formal cessation of operations of Canadian Jewish Congress and its charitable trust in late November 2015.

The Alex Dworkin Canadian Jewish Archives is a national program now operating directly under the auspices of Jewish Federations Canada-UIA.  It will remain in Montreal on the downtown campus of Concordia University, in the former national headquarters building of the Canadian Jewish Congress.

 “We will continue to fulfill the aims of the resolution ‘On Canadian Jewish Archives’ set out at the CJC Plenary Assembly of 1934, to collect, store and preserve historical material related to Canadian Jewry and make it accessible for the purpose of study and reference,” said director Janice Rosen.

The Archives is sustained by the Alex Dworkin Foundation for Jewish Archives, through Federation CJA of Montreal. Robert  Kleinman, Executive Vice-President of the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal, said that “the Dworkin fund has been a key supporter of the Archives since 2011 and is very pleased to continue to serve as a critical partner in the management of its evolution.” Since 1992, the Archives has also benefited from the status of "Service agréé d'archives privées," a program of the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec.

Linda Kislowicz, President & CEO of JFC-UIA said “JFC-UIA is committed to ensuring the long term preservation of this historic home for archives and archival research.  We will provide the necessary support and oversight so that this venerable institution continues to serve as an invaluable resource for researchers and historians.”


About the Alex Dworkin Canadian Jewish Archives:  The Alex Dworkin Canadian Jewish Archives was established in 1934 under the aegis of Canadian Jewish Congress. The records of the former CJC are an important presence among the hundreds collections received over the years from individuals and groups.  Notable aspects of the Canadian Jewish community reflected in the collections include immigration, integration into Canadian society, community organization, Zionism, human rights issues, discrimination, oppressed Jewry, education, literature and genealogy. www.cjarchives.ca

About Jewish Federations of Canada – UIA www.jewishcanada.org  Jewish Federations of Canada – UIA works with Canadian Jewish Federations and communities to strengthen Jewish life in Canada, Israel and overseas. It represents ten Canadian Federations and four regional councils, each of which raises and distributes funds annually for social welfare and educational needs in Canada and Israel.

About The Alex Dworkin Foundation for Jewish Archives – Thanks to the generous legacy of Alex Dworkin, the Foundation now supports the operations of both the Alex Dworkin Canadian Jewish Archives and the Jewish Public Library Archives (JPL-A). It encourages and sustains dynamic initiatives in Canadian Jewish heritage preservation and is committed to fostering the growth of cross-Canada partnerships in the Canadian Jewish Heritage Network, an exciting research and display platform jointly conceived by the Dworkin Canadian Jewish Archives and the JPL-A. The Foundation will ensure access to the treasures of our history and culture for generations to come.


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