Israel Stories:
The Fallen Canadians
of October 7th

Ben Menashe Mizrahi

22, Kibbutz Yavne

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Ben was a lone soldier from Vancouver, who was never alone. As a young and radiant young man with a permanent smile and genuine personality, everyone wanted to be around Ben and he made those around him feel seen and heard.

Born and raised in Canada, Ben immigrated to Israel on his own at the age of 18 to serve in the IDF. He was blessed to find his home away from home in Kibbutz Yavne, where a wonderful family took him in and made sure he would not feel alone. Ben immediately became part of the family.

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During his time on the kibbutz, he took part in a pre-military preparatory program. When Ben enlisted in the IDF as a lone soldier – he chose to be a combat medic in the Paratroopers Brigade, so he could care for those in need of help.

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Ben's care for others compelled him to check in with those he loved to make sure they were okay, and this sensitivity was evident even on the morning of Simchat Torah. Ben was celebrating with friends at the Nova festival near Kibbutz Re'im when Hamas terrorists infiltrated the party. Ben immediately switched into ‘medic-mode’ as he ran towards a nearby ambulance, broke the window to retrieve a first aid kit so that he could treat the wounded – putting his own life in danger. Later, he and his friend assisted in evacuating the bodies of the victims until they themselves were also shot and killed. "Ben was killed because he decided not to flee the party, but to help other people," his family said about him.

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Ben's name always came up in the context of endless love and giving. He was an amazing and charming friend to everyone, bringing smiles and admiration from all who met him. Ben also expressed his love for his friends and adoptive family through cooking. He would initiate social gatherings on all of his free evening and invite those close to him to enjoy the delicious dishes he prepared for them. He also organized field trips, where he would cook for his friends and persuaded them to celebrate together instead of going to sleep.

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A young man who greatest love was to help others, selflessly placing other people’s needs before his own, who loved to laugh and gather friends together, was killed as a hero while offering aid, defending and saving others.

May his memory be blessed.