Israel Stories:
The Fallen Canadians
of October 7th

Alexandre Look

33, Montreal

Alexandre Look - 50% Tall

Alex grew up in Montreal and was a unique spirit that embodied love , generosity and courage. As a man of the world who loved to travel and discover new places, Alex spoke seven languages fluently, and had friends around the world, having lived in places from Hawaii to Belgium and New York City.

Alex especially loved the Land of Israel and always fought for the honor of the country, which he saw as his home. He founded a cosmetics business from the products of the Dead Sea, which brought him a lot of success and pride.

In between his travels , Alex came to Israel to rest during the holidays, and chose to celebrate Simchat Torah at the Nova festival near Kibbutz Re'im. At 6:29 am, at the height of the party, a rocket attack from Gaza began. Alex came together with many others to one of the shelters scattered in the area to protect themselves from the shooting.

His many friends in Israel and all over the world adored him and felt the celebration of life just by being close to him. Love flowed from him to everyone, and he had a talent for caring for each person individually . His friends explain that " Alex was a force of nature, endowed with unique charisma and unparalleled generosity. A larger-than life man, one of a kind, one in a million, his personality filled the room. He was always the first to get up and greet you loudly and show his love for you." They called him " our father Abraham", like the biblical patriarch, the model of a host who takes care of everyone.

Dozens of armed terrorists emerged from among the trees and charged at the helpless partygoers. In the moments of horror, Alex pulled out his phone and took a video in which he is heard calming the people down. As the terrorists advanced toward the shelter, Alex stood in the doorway and like a gatekeeper, protected everyone, who hid behind him as he bravely used his body and fought the terrorists with his bare hands to prevent them from entering. "I swear to you that he was our protector, otherwise we would have died," said one of the survivors.

Alex, a man of the people , who always knew how to connect with everyone, died as he lived - with strength and love for others.

May his memory be blessed.