Dream Weavers


Amanda Landry and Mira Etlin-Stein, are community-minded occupational therapists and founders of Dream Weavers, a grassroots organization in downtown Toronto. They graduated from the University of Toronto with Masters degrees from the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, and have over 14 years combined experience promoting community inclusion for individuals on the spectrum and with other developmental disabilities. Mira & Amanda were both drawn to study Occupational Therapy, based on a deep desire to promote inclusion within their communities, and a shared joy in working with and learning from young adults with disabilities.

Dream Weavers was founded in 2012, based on a need Mira and Amanda identified in the community for inclusion opportunities for transition-aged youth with autism and other developmental differences. They design and run group and individual programming for teens and young adults, covering life and employment skills.


One of their most popular groups is a 12-week program called “Let’s Talk About Sex + Relationships!” where members are provided with an open, judgement-free, queer-positive space to learn about the intricacies of relationships and sexual expression. Through their programming, Mira and Amanda aim to break down barriers and build inclusive communities!

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