The Embrace Program- Kiryat Shmona


Embrace is a regional intervention program that successfully keeps 130 teenagers off the streets every day. The Embrace program is for at-risk youth in junior high school that, while technically still enrolled in school, are often absent. Through the Embrace framework, the Tennis Centre helps them develop their life skills and progress academically while keeping them in a very positive and productive environment.


The Embrace Program is supported by individual donors and the coast-to-coast Israel partnership.

Learn more about the Embrace program here.

  • Embrace Helps Children Feel More Secure

    5/1/2015 - This week, the security situation in northern Israel at the Syrian border has children that are part of the Embrace program at the Tennis Centre in Kiryat Shmona concerned about their safety and wellbeing. The director of the Tennis Centre invited a group of IDF soldiers to meet the kids and explain how they are keeping the borders safe. The children and soldiers then had some fun together with team building activities. It was a meaningful experience for everyone.