Alan Kriss

CEO of Specialisterne Canada


Specialisterne Canada is focused on growing the employment market for people on the autism spectrum or facing similar challenges. He has over 20 years of business experience developing and commercializing new products and services in Canada and abroad, in senior management positions with organizations large and small.


Working in the financial, healthcare and consumer services as well as the infrastructure, sports and entertainment sectors, Alan's focus has been on finding new ways to leverage technology in order to solve problems and to explore new opportunities. Specialisterne started in Denmark in 2004 as a social enterprise focused on building an active and sustainable labour market for people with autism and is focused on enabling one million jobs globally.


Alan sees great opportunity for Canadian businesses to leverage this labour pool, with its unique talents and perspective can bring real benefits to the workplace and yet remains dramatically under-utilized in our economy. Canada is particularly well positioned to lead other countries in engaging these people toward our commercial and collective benefit.